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John J. Vento, CPA, MBA, CFP® is a nationally renowned author, keynote speaker, professor and financial services industry thought leader often tapped to share insights with major news outlets. Read recent articles and watch previous speaking engagements on the links below.


Unstable Market Highlights Value of Tax-Loss Harvesting (Financial Advisor, 8/10/20)

Pandemic Relief Figures Big In Clients' Midyear Tax Moves (Financial Advisor, 6/22/20)

How to Grow Your Tax Practice, While Delivering More Value for Clients (CPA Practice Advisor, 3/2/20)

Helping Participants Understand Tax Considerations for Retirement Plans (PLANSPONSOR, 11/8/19)

Retirement is a long way off. That gives you plenty of time to get it right ... or wrong (CNBC, 11/1/19)

How ETFs Can Be A Great Tax-Loss Harvesting Tool (Financial Advisor, 10/21/19)

Tax Advantages of the Mega Backdoor Roth (Financial Advisor, 8/19/19)

How Clients Can Avoid Capital Gains On Small-Biz Stocks (Financial Advisor, 7/15/19)

3 things to consider when advising blended families (InvestmentNews, 6/26/19)

IRS Attempts to Clarify Business Pass-Through Tax Deduction (Financial Advisor, 6/24/19)

Minimum wage hike: What NYC restaurants and their patrons need to know (Staten Island Advance, 4/24/19)

Investors are exploiting a murky tax maneuver the IRS has yet to tackle (Yahoo! News, 1/14/19)

The 7 Best Money and Investing Books of 2018 (Forbes, 12/21/18)

Which Personal Loan Lenders Accept Co-Signers? (U.S. News & World Report, 12/20/18)

The Pros and Cons of Premium Credit Cards (U.S. News & World Report, 11/27/18)

Will You Thank or Curse Trump for Your Tax Bill? (U.S. News & World Report, 10/30/18)

How to Prioritize IRA and 401(k) Accounts (U.S. News & World Report, 10/26/18)

'Think you're going to win Powerball? Five tips to invest your winnings' (Staten Island Advance, 1/7/16)

'Middle class hammered by income tax trap; Staten Island families pay hefty price' (Staten Island Advance, 2/6/15)

'De Blasio proposes tax reform for small business owners' (Staten Island Advance, 1/12/15)

'Millennials: A generation drowning in debt' (Staten Island Advance, 6/22/14)

‘Leaving a Collection to Your Heirs’ (Kiplinger, April 2014)

‘Hey Baby, What’s Your Credit Score?’ (Staten Island Advance, 4/1/14)

Financial Independence: Getting to Point X (LCF on Personal Finance, 6/24/13)

How to Get-- and Keep-- Financial Independence in Retirement (, 5/30/13)

IRS Audits: Your Odds and Best Strategies (Forbes, 4/16/13)

New Personal Finance Books See Room for Self Improvement (New York Times, 4/6/13)

Last Minute Tax-Filing Tips for Parents (Parenting, 4/1/13)

Staten Island Expert to Speak on Financial Literacy (Staten Island Advance, 3/21/13)

Tax-Free Coverdell Savings Accounts Saved By Congress (Reuters, 2/13/13)

Staten Island’s Small Business Owners Hold Off On Plans for Expansion (Staten Island Advance, 11/4/12)

Staten Island Investment Advisor is Honored (Staten Island Advance, 9/14/12)

When Real Estate Agents Make Referrals (New York Times, 9/11/11)

Co-Signing on the Dotted Line (New York Times, 8/7/11)


Seminar in Orthodontics (Elsevier, 2022) 

Highlight reel from John Vento's 2013 Los Angeles Dental Meeting Presentaiton (9/2013)

'What Is Financial Independence?' (clip from Los Angeles Dental Meeting, 9/7/12)

'Committing to Living Within Your Means' (clip from Los Angeles Dental Meeting, 9/7/12)

'Understanding Taxes' (clip from Los Angeles Dental Meeting, 9/7/12)

'Determining Your Financial Position' (clip from Los Angeles Dental Meeting, 9/7/12)

'Managing Debt' (clip from Los Angeles Dental Meeting, 9/7/12)

'What about insurance?' (clip from Los Angeles Dental Meeting, 9/7/12)

Financial Aspects of Establishing a Successful Business (KeyNote speaker for Small Business Administration (SBA) and the IRS on 11/3/10)

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