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Financial Independence
(Getting to Point X)

John J. Vento, CPA, MBA, CFP® authored Financial Independence (Getting to Point X): A Comprehensive Tax-Smart Wealth Management Guide as an authoritative system to help clients pursue their financial goals. The groundbreaking first edition introduced 10 key wealth management issues and outlined a brilliantly simple approach for how to bring each into harmony at ‘Point X.’

However, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 ushered in the most significant tax reform in more than 30 years. These changes rendered some long-standing wealth management strategies obsolete and yielded new tax-saving opportunities, which led John J. Vento to update and expand his framework for financial independence.

The second edition of Financial Independence (Getting to Point X) illustrates how the 2017 tax reform could impact your financial goals and will help you make informed financial planning decisions based on facts and strategies.

The American Dream is not dead, but the old ways of achieving it are. This hands-on guide allows you to gain valuable insight from a diverse selection of experts and up-to-date case studies clarifying how the new tax reform functions in the real world.

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