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Comprehensive Financial Planning

A Tax-Smart Approach to Financial Independence

A Tax-Smart Approach to Financial Independence

Vento Tax & Wealth Management Group works with individuals, couples, and families as a trusted advisor—helping build, grow, and manage wealth by maximizing financial opportunities and minimizing tax liabilities. The integration of tax and wealth management advice has long been the foundation of our approach because we believe this helps you keep more of what you earn and allows you to move confidently toward the future you picture.

By deploying the 10 key wealth management issues outlined in John J. Vento’s book Financial Independence (Getting to Point X): A Comprehensive Tax-Smart Wealth Management Guide, we deliver tax-smart strategies tailored to your unique situation.

10 Wealth Management Issues

  1. Committing to living within your means.
  2. Understanding taxes.
  3. Determining your financial position.
  4. Managing debt.
  5. Insuring your health & life.
  6. Protecting your property with insurance.
  7. Paying for college.
  8. Planning for retirement.
  9. Managing your investments.
  10. Preserving your estate.

Let’s start designing a tax-smart approach to your financial independence.

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