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Getting to Point X

A Comprehensive Tax-Smart Wealth Management Guide

John J. Vento, CPA, MBA, CFP® authored Financial Independence (Getting to Point X): A Comprehensive Tax-Smart Wealth Management Guide as an authoritative system to help clients pursue their financial goals. 

What is 'Point X'?

What is 'Point X'?

Point X is the place at which we can stop working for our money and our money starts working for us. It’s where our savings and investments alone generate enough income to support and continue your chosen lifestyle. That is ‘financial independence' and that is the goal of John J. Vento’s book and work with clients.

No matter where you are in your life—starting your first job, having a child, building your dream business, or entering retirement—you need realistic ways to save, budget, manage debt, minimize taxes, and live within your means. John J. Vento’s book provides a time-tested approach and easy-to-follow strategies to help you reach Point X.

Learn more about the book, calculate your ‘Point X,’ read praise from industry peers, and then get started plotting your path by buying the book.

“A critical read dealing with one of the most dangerous threats to our nation and its citizens— financial literacy. No matter where you are in your financial life, you will find this book contains advice and wisdom that is timeless.”

— Sarano Kelley, founder, The Kelley Group

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