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Praise for Getting to Point X

"You'll never reach your financial goals without a plan. This book provides a roadmap to financial independence with tax-smart strategies under the new tax laws. It is the only guide you need to help identify ways to successfully grow the wealth required to achieve your dreams."

—Guy Adami, Professional Investor and TV Personality on CNBC's "Fast Money"

"John does a fantastic job of explaining the importance of saving with practical advice that is easy to understand and implement. It should be required reading for all Americans, especially now with his insights into the recent tax changes and how that may or may not affect each person's wealth."

—Suzanne Siracuse, VP/Publisher, Investmentnews

"For anyone starting a business, the addition of Chapter 11 (as well as the entire book) is a must-read, as it interprets the financial language to a level that is understandable and user friendly. I wish I had this roadmap to help me navigate through my dental practice before I started."

Dr. Eric S. Studley, CEO, Eric S. Studley & Associates, Inc., and Former General Practice Director and Associate Professor, NYU College of Dentistry

“A clear, concise, step-by-step approach to developing a financial life plan, Financial Independence: Getting to Point X provides readers with practical action steps to make progress in addressing their goals. The book not only provides a road map, but also includes real examples of how to implement the strategies based upon your situation. A must-read for everyone who wants to educate themselves with a practical approach to identifying and pursuing their goals.”

—Roger Ochs, President and CEO, H.D. Vest Financial Services®

“A critical read dealing with one of the most dangerous threats to our nation and its citizens—financial literacy. No matter where you are in your financial life, you will find this book contains advice and wisdom that is timeless.”

—Sarano Kelley, founder, The Kelley Group

“Financial Independence is simply a must-read! John Vento has done a marvelous job in providing the necessary up-to-date tools needed by all Americans of all ages in fulfilling their dreams. This book is written in simple language and offers definitions, anecdotes, tips, guidance, and solutions tolife-cycle’s financial issues and concerns. Bravo John!”

—Mary L. Lo Re, PhD, Chairperson, Department of Business Administration, Professor ofFinance, and Periclean Leader, Wagner College

“John Vento has done a terrific job in providing practical insights and sound advice about the pathways to achieve financial independence. This book should be on the ‘must-read’ list for anyone seeking insight into comprehensive wealth management in these difficult economic times. I applaud him for his thoughtful approach to the subject."

—Dean L. Balsamini Sr., Director, Small Business Development Center, College of Staten Island

"I've known John for many years from when he started as an accountant and until now, as an extremely successful financial advisor. His first book provided information that anyone who was smart enough to become informed about financial health, found easy to read foundational information on just where and how to begin preparing for the future.

His advice helped move from being in great debt to becoming financially sound, as a single woman in my retirement years. I can confirm, from personal experience, that his direct approach to financial security is not complicated but takes commitment. Regardless of age, this book will either confirm what you already know, or set you on a new road to financial security. It's a no-brainer. Buy the book for your children, grandchildren, your nieces and nephews. It will be one of the most important gifts you'll ever give.

It is without reservation that I recommend John Vento’s book Financial Independence. Not only does the book cover the myriad of information that one needs to know for financial health, but it is presented in a clear, concise and readable manner. Too often, the jargon thrown at a reader about financial affairs makes the average person feel ignorant and ready to give up all decisions to the ‘professional’ advisor. John makes it clear that the average person needs to be a participant in this process and provides the clear guidelines to make it possible.”

—Lynn K. Robbins, PhD

"I’ve known John Vento for several decades during which time he has shepherded my wife and me through the annual journey of preparing our taxes. In all that time, he has been attentive not only to our needs as young and active tax payers but also to our needs now in our senior years. My wife is 89 years old and I’m 87 years old.

I’m delighted that he has been inspired to share his experience as well as his academic and professional knowledge of the financial world with those taxpayers who have not had the benefit of his enlightened wisdom and guidance.

His two editions of Financial Independence are well named because that is what both young and old not only value but also require for peace of mind.

The book’s chapter headings and appendices read like a road map to financial security, which is something that affects us all.

His wisdom extends beyond his academic and professional credentials to the intellectual world at large. For example, he opens his last chapter with a quotation from the father of modern physics, Albert Einstein: 'Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it…he who doesn’t…pays it.'

Drawing on 25 years of investment experience and a rich legacy of immigrant parents, John Vento defines the American Dream in realistic financial terms through his 10 Commandments of managing your finances and lifestyle. Step by step, he lays out in readable prose what he calls ‘10 Key Issues to Comprehensive Wealth Management,’ the road to financial self-reliance, revealing the wisdom of that old tune so many of us failed to heed, ‘Little Things Mean a Lot.’”

—Donald Martin Reynolds, Ph.D., art historian and the author of numerous books, articles, and reviews on American art and architecture

“I have known John Vento for more than 30 years. When it came time to decide who to entrust my private accounting practice clients, I did not have to think twice. John, to me, is a perfect example of success story. His professional and teaching experience has enabled him to make complex issues understandable.”

—Vladimir Slizinov, CPA, President, Savara Group

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